Friday, March 4, 2011

Eutanasia (Mematikan Seseorang yang Menghidap Penyakit Teruk)

Eutanasia merupakan perbuatan mematikan seseorang. Amalan ini melanggar undang-undang di kebanyakan negara. Isu ini banyak menimbulkan kontroversi kerana wujudnya pelbagai persoalan moral dan etika, bukan sahaja terhadap amalan itu, tetapi juga definisinya. Penyokong amalan ini mendakwa bahawa mematikan seseorang yang menghidap penyakit teruk merupakan perbuatan yang berperikemanusiaan. Penentang eutanasia pula melabelkan kaedah ini sebagai bentuk pembunuhan.
Eutanasia boleh dijalankan dengan pelbagai cara, dan pengistilahan yang lebih spesifik diperlukan dalam membincangkan isu eutanasia.

Yang Membantah

Care Not Killing

Care Not Killing is a UK-based alliance of individuals and organisations which brings together disability and human rights organisations, healthcare and palliative care groups, and faith-based organisations, with the aims of:
  1. promoting more and better palliative care;
  2. ensuring that existing laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are not weakened or repealed during the lifetime of the current Parliament;
  3. influencing the balance of public opinion further against any weakening of the law.
The Care Not Killing Alliance seeks to attract the broadest support among the very many in the medical profession and allied health services and in society at large who are opposed to euthanasia. It appeals to those of all faiths and none by adducing arguments based on reason alone, by avoiding any appeals to extremism, and by drawing on and developing a well-researched evidence base.

For some people, the most important question about euthanasia is "Is it ever right to kill an innocent human being?" Deontologists believe we all need rules to live by, and everyone recognises the power behind the rule "Do not kill". Where does this rule come from, and why should we keep it? Some people choose to break this rule in some circumstances. Teleologists believe there are occasions when 'the end justifies the means'.
There are other issues raised by euthanasia, however. If euthanasia was legal, what effect would this have on the elderly, people with disabilities, the terminally ill? It isn't merely a consequentialist consideration - weighing up the amount of anxiety caused by a change in law. It is about the way we view people. Are some lives worth less than others?
Euthanasia is one of the most difficult ethical issues you will face. Even if you know what you value most, if you have chosen an ethical theory that you are really happy with, the answer won't be straight-forward. What if I believe in the sanctity of life, that all humans should be given dignity and respect - how should I respond to a dying person's plea to help them have a peaceful death?
Approach this issue with an open mind and careful attention to detail. Consider the issues separately, and apply the ethical theories carefully. I hope you find the content on this site helpful. It is aimed particularly at RS Philosophy and Ethics students, and anyone who is interested in the euthanasia debate. This site examines a Christian response to euthanasia alongside ethical responses. There are some resources particularly aimed at A level RS students. There are also book reviewslinks to other websites (including news reports) and multimedia resources. We have started developing interactive quizzes, and A level Philosophy and Ethics students can find help with past exam questions.
Euthanasia is an issue which may touch the lives of any of us, and I believe that studying ethics can help prepare us for things that life throws at us. If you are reading this because you are currently facing a personal decision about euthanasia, you may find it helpful to speak to a counsellor to talk through these issues, as your feelings at this time might influence your thinking. This is in fact a key feature in many responses to euthanasia - to what degree can anyone faced with this decision act in an objective way?

Yang Menyokong

final exit network
Mentally competent adults have a basic human right to end their lives when they suffer from a fatal or irreversible illness or intractable pain, when their quality of life is personally unacceptable, and the future holds only hopelessness and misery. Such a right shall be an individual choice, including the timing and companion, free of any restrictions by the law, clergy, medical profession, even friends and relatives no matter how well-intentioned. We do not encourage anyone to end their life, do not provide the means to do so, and do not actively assist in a person’s death. We do, however, support any member who requests it when medical circumstances warrant their decision.

Kata Aku

Aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku tertarik dengan isu ini. Aku rasa tak ramai pun yang baca sampai habis apa yang aku buat ni. Mungkin hanya orang yang menderita kesakitan yang teruk sahaja yang akan faham tentang apa yang aku tengah lakukan sekarang ni.  Aku tak katakan yang Eutanasia kejam, aku juga tak katakan perbuatan ini baik. Tapi kalau difikirkan, sanggupkah anda melihat seseorang itu hidup hanya untuk menderita?. Tidakkah itu juga satu perbuatan yang kejam?.

P/s : Sememangnya Islam menentang sekerasnya perbuatan membunuh diri dan kesalahan membunuh diri merupakah satu kesalahan yang terlalu besar. Orang yang membunuh dirinya akan diazab di akhirat kelak sebagaimana dia membunuh dirinya di dunia sepertimana dijelaskan oleh Nabi S.A.W.


  1. weh,. leks la der,. ko pernah dengar x pasal miracle,.

    so,. ape salahnye klu tetap berdoa..
    at least tambah pahala,.

  2. setiap kejadian dan musibah yang Allah turun kn kpd stiap hmbe nye, tdak prnah tiade hikmahnye...

    Sesungguhnya ALLAH itu maha adil lagi maha penyayang.. Allah ketahui ape yg perlu untuk semua ciptaannya...

    farit bin abdul razak, aku doakan agr kau smakin shat dan d ttap kn iman.. hye doa yga aku mmpu tlong engkau.. mudah mudahan kau smakin smbuh..

  3. Wan : takde lah wan, aku buat ni pasal rasa cerita ni menarik untuk diketahui. Tu je, btw, thanks sebab comment yaa.. ^_^ ...

    Jali : Terima kasih sebab bagi kata-kata semangat, lagi pun dah banyak perubahan pada penyakit aku sekarang(perubahan yang baik). Terima kasih untuk doa tu. ^_^ ...